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Transitioning into Organic Farming
on the Dewey 80

The Dewey 80 Farm located two miles north of Dewey Illinois in Champaign County is in transition year number two, with the goal of becoming USDA Certified Organic in July 2019. Wendel Lutz the farmer is growing a four-crop rotation consisting of corn, soybeans, wheat and a ley crop of an alfalfa clover mix.

Jan Meyer inspects grain fill

In August Jan inspects the grain fill. The corn was planted in late May to avoid cross pollination from the adjacent GM corn fields. The previous alfalfa clover crop was tilled under in the spring to provide nitrogen for the corn.

Jan with cover crop

Cover crop or ley crop of red clover and alfalfa. Nitrogen source for the 2019 corn.

Non-GMO soybeans

Non-GMO soybeans. Adequate weed control with rotary hoeing and several trip with the row cultivator. No herbicides used on the farm in 2017 and 2018.

non-GMO soybeans right before harvest

Non-GMO soybeans right before harvest. Good weed control from rotary hoeing and row cultivation. No herbicides applications.

Cover crop of radishes and oats in corn stalked. Seeded by airplane into standing corn in late August.

alfalfa and clover lay-crop following wheat

Alfalfa and clover lay-crop following wheat.